Winter Immune Booster

Our favorite immune booster !

My midwife calls them "Jimmy jim jams" so I have adopted this name too.

Anti-viral, anti-bacterial, immune boosting, super tasty and super simple.


How to make:

  • Crush fresh garlic in a mortar and pestle
  • Squeeze in half a lemon
  • Add a teaspoon of raw or manuka honey
  • Sprinkle with cayenne pepper
  • Pour mixture into squeezed lemon half as a great cup and enjoy

At the first sign of a cold or compromised immune system I have one of these for a few days and a big pot of warm nettle or echinacea tea


Achillea turns 2

We celebrated 2 years on earth for this great guy last month.

Coming back from our goat hike. Always interacting and exploring the natural world around him.

Coming back from our goat hike. Always interacting and exploring the natural world around him.

It was a day of all the things Achillea loves. 

Mangoes, monster trucks and a great big goat hike all the way along the river bank with many beautiful swim stops. 

River stop along the way

River stop along the way

I also think on a childs birthday it is a great time to celebrate the Mother who has dedicated her life, body and soul to creating, raising and nurturing a little human.

So I had breakfast in bed prepared for me. Sprouted, superfood pancakes. Delicious!

Looking forward to many more birthdays to come !

The Beauty & Perils of Spring

Finally spring has arrived ! I spent so many freezing mornings waiting for the sun to come over the mountains, dreaming of spring.


Spring brings with her an abundance of amazing, sweet smelling wild flowers. The sun now hits our camp at 730am instead of 830am.

Animal activity has increased as it is getting warmer and baby animals are everywhere! 

We have welcomed the arrival of 2 pairs of twin goats. They are the cutest and what spunk!

Tank Girl and Limp Brisket Our newest additions to the herd

We have spotted our first snakes for the season, 2 fast baby snakes, too quick too identify. Our guinea fowl did a great job alerting us to a massive goanna walking through camp the other day. A majestic and illusive platypus was just spotted in the river. Echidnas are on the move for mating season, we've rescued some from the road and seen a few squished :( 

While we were driving along the dirt track for our fortnightly visit to town we are across two tiny wild puppies that had been orphaned! They were covered in ticks, including paralysis ticks and could hardly walk.

They are super cute, we didn't really intend on having dogs. Experience has shown that all the native wildlife retreats a little when a dog has a permanent home in the bush. Plus we would have to provide meat for it, the threat of parasites, stinkiness, killing native animals, there are many reasons I don't want one. Though these little pups ran across our path and were born here on our land. They are building up their strength here for now and we will decide later. 


When we got back home 2 of our baby goats also weren't able to walk, they were covered in paralysis ticks also!

It took several days for them to recover, and one of them is still recovering.  She was unable to close its eyes from the nerve damage and her eyes started to dry out. She almost lost her vision though she has special drops and balm and is on the mend. 

Arriving during winter with a baby totally unprepared was very challenging, though it was a perfect introduction to living in the bush. I think I needed the time to settle in, get comfortable and feel safe in my surroundings before having to worry about snakes, goannas, spiders and creepy crawlies of all kinds. 

Now I am looking forward to gardens, sunshine and river swims that are refreshing instead of freeeeezing.

Happy Days :)