Danielle Sainty


I am a Rebel Mother to Achillea Xenagos and Crataegus Ajani, currently living deep in the woods of Yarrowitch, New England, Australia.

On a sacred quest to reconnect with our original ways of being - Living in tune with natures rhythms and laws.

Slowly I am gathering skills, knowledge, power, and tribe while learning how to be the best Mother and best version of Myself.



The things in life I love:

(in no particular order)

Wrestling and BJJ, weaving, gardening,

swimming in the ocean, rats and rat like creatures,

beautiful things and inspiring spaces, rollerskating, turmeric lattes,

foraging, creating useful and sweet things, pottering as a speed for living,

spontaneous adventures, snacking, experimental cooking,

the beauty and joy of birthing and raising another human,

the wonders found in everyday life.



My main goal is to be living totally self sufficiently.

To build my own house from only the natural materials around me,

To live without power tools, gas, or electricity,

To be able to provide all food and clothing from the land.

and to have amazing people to share the experience with !



I'm super excited to share my journey and all the wonderful and useful things I learn along the way


Danielle xo