Spring joys

Spring at last!

This last week we had our first river swim of the season. 


 It was totally freezing, though after going in it becomes rejuvenating and invigorating. I could really feel my cold seasons unconditioning to the icy temperature of the water.


Achillea did his best to rid the beach of all rocks by throwing them one by one into the water. Then went to the sunniest spot in the river, bent down and said he was a duck. Which I thought was both great and hilarious.


We passed many stinging nettles that have popped up all along the trail to the river.

"Careful Mum! A spiky plant!"  

Hehe it's nice to have an observant little guy looking out for me.


My newest Son, Crataegus also celebrated 9 weeks on planet earth! A happy, sweet baby, who is easy to love.


We are grateful to have such close access to an abundant river in such scarce times and I'm excited for spending our summer there!