Achillea and Dotty

Achillea loves Dotty.

She is his favourite bird ever.

When he wakes up the first thing he does is run to find her and let her outside to forage.

'Daa-aayyy'  - He calls her :P

Here is the greatest video ever.

We originally got Dotty to be a real life incubator for our Quail eggs.

Quail have been bred for thousands of years (japanese in particular) so that they have more meat and lay more eggs. They have become so inbred that they have lost their motherly instincts and can no longer sit on their own eggs.

All Japanese quail are hatched in incubators. It is depressing seeing all these chicks being born without A Mother. We heard about chickens being surrogate Mothers and so we got Dotty - the broody Bantam in an effort to rewild the quail! 

It mostly worked out, except some of the eggs were unfertilised or had sick chicks. We have a big happy, healthy family of quail. 


Nowadays Dotty spends her time playing under the house, scratching for bugs, eating all the silverbeet seedlings, and going for walks with Achillea.