Permaculture and Zen life design workshop


Permaculture (Permanent culture) is a set of design principles based on observing natures laws.

Did you know that water can flow uphill with the right design??


" The core of permaculture is design and the working relationships and connections between all things "

- Bill Mollison



Cecilia designs ecosystems.

 Well, they pretty much just assemble themselves.

She just finds which object, creature, or idea is missing, and puts it in.   


Cecilia mostly works in Japan. She helps re-set the culture of children’s homes, art schools, share houses and Ecovillages. Her goal is to create satisfying connections, to get rid of unwilling and unproductive effort and to work with, not against, each others unique nature and talents.

She’s convinced that we all have ten times more things in our homes than is good for us, not nearly enough people, and that if she were allowed to get her hands on it, your home would be transformed into a Zen Fairyland Resort everyone wants to be in.

Cecelia will teach us how to apply all these principles to our homes, minds, and relationships for a clear and powerful life.

Cecilias garden design



“Id like to acknowledge 4 people. One is the world’s most unlikely Permaculturist, Cecilia Macaulay.

The permaculture Fairy.

Every time I open a magazine, there she is.

One day she will put permaculture on the cover of Time Magazine”.


Bill Mollison

Co-originator of Permaculture

From Keynote speech,

Australian Permaculture Convergence, Cairns 2010


"Cecilia provides a refreshing, new approach to Permaculture.

What she does is attractive, and honed in on connecting people, the social side of Permaculture.

Through Cecilia's work, people can see a way they can move forward, make a difference in the world. Especially people who are trapped within an urban commercial setting.

Her approach is a pleasure, and a very useful tool in our toolbox."


Geoff Lawton, 2011

World’s most prolific Permaculture Teacher and Designer