Medicine drum making ceremony

Making a medicine drum is like a birth, birthing your self through your creativity into a sacred instrument and tool.

Making a medicine drum is a weaving of wood, hide and rope in which we give thanks and honor the tree, the animal and the intention that we hold during the drum making process.

When we play the medicine drum we echo the heart beat of the earth, remembering our connection to nature and all that is sacred.

The medicine drum is an instrument for song, prayer and connection, using the vibrations of its rhythm to open our hearts and expand our consciousness.

The finished drums

The finished drums

Anki Groening will be guiding us through the medicine drum making journey, as she has with many other women before us.

Anki is a musician, Mother, and home-birth midwife currently living on a beautiful farm on the far south coast of NSW.




“Making a drum with Anki was a crucial step in my life. The workshop collated all of my fly away ideas about myself and the mysteries, while also uncovering new insights and humble pride. Anki has a strong and careful presence and a deep understanding. She really is exceptional. She helped each of us to unfold our stories in our own time and way. So, I am now equipped with a beautiful, portable, personalised shamanic tool. It’s a part of me. My drum continues to connect me with other women, ceremony and spirit. If I had to flee, that’s what Id grab!”

 - Janna


“ Anki is a deeply intuitive and heart-fully connected guide in the drum making journey. I really appreciated the way she held the space for me while I made my drum, she has a beautiful gentle presence and her direction is subtle and true to helping each person connect with their journey. A true spiritual midwife, and I really like her songs.”

-  Radha


“Anki’s drum making circles are rich and empowering. She guides you to be your own midwife in a truly profound weaving of your own unique drum- a tapestry of drum emotion and intrinsic expression. Anki’s wisdom, shamanic practices and her ability to hold space for others is truly beautiful and humbling.”

- Melinda


Anki is a truly gifted leader of shamanic practices, who guided me through the journey of birthing my drum with humility and grace. The whole weekend flowed so beautifully and I felt that Anki held space with a gentle and compassionate heart, effortlessly sharing her teachings with such joy and deep wisdom. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to receive her medicine and hold the experience very close to my heart.”

- Sara


“Anki had a beautiful gentle yet deep way of guiding women’s womb journeys. The way Anki holds space and honours women’s divinity through making medicine drums and music is magical. Her knowledge and sharing of shamanic practices is amazing and attending her drum making circle was a profound experience I will never forget. I highly recommend Anki’s medicine drum making ceremony to anyone seeking a deeper knowledge of them self through accessing spirit and sharing with women in a nurturing way.”

- Lauren


“Anki is a beautiful Goddess who has guided us with her beautiful soul and her angelic voice on our journey of making our healing drum. It was a peaceful and beautiful process that I was blessed to be a part of and we are all grateful to have her in our community.”

- Piri

Moccasin workshop

Make the original earth friendly footwear.

Moccasins are the best of both worlds.

They keep you grounded and agile, as if you were barefoot

Plus keep your feet safe and comfortable like shoes.

Native American Indians wore soft sole moccasins because they could tread lightly with each step - more connected and grounded to the earth that we all rely upon.

You will learn how to hand make your own moccasins with simple tools and techniques that you can repeat to start creating beautiful and useful leatherwork for yourself and others

Basket weaving workshop

Baskets are the original human tool

All of us have ancestral connections to basket weavers.

Our foremothers used to walk through the wilderness with their babies on their backs and their sisters by their sides, gathering materials and foods as they walked.

Perhaps they stopped by the fire to split the materials into smaller lengths suitable for weaving. Then maybe walked down to the creek, billabong or lake to let them soak in the water while their children played in the water.

Sitting around the fire, her and her sisters or tribe would sit and talk, their hands weaving magic and prayers as they go.

It is not something you have to think about after a while, your hands just know what to do and do so automatically. This leaves space for you to focus your intentions into the basket, infusing the very essence of you with each weave !

The original meditation

The end result is a perfectly unique basket - perfect for gathering and foraging.

Danielle and Rebecca will be teaching us different weaving styles including a traditional Australian style passed down from far North Queensland.

We will be using local, hand prepared banana tree fibres to weave our baskets by the sandy river.