The Beauty & Perils of Spring

Finally spring has arrived ! I spent so many freezing mornings waiting for the sun to come over the mountains, dreaming of spring.


Spring brings with her an abundance of amazing, sweet smelling wild flowers. The sun now hits our camp at 730am instead of 830am.

Animal activity has increased as it is getting warmer and baby animals are everywhere! 

We have welcomed the arrival of 2 pairs of twin goats. They are the cutest and what spunk!

Tank Girl and Limp Brisket Our newest additions to the herd

We have spotted our first snakes for the season, 2 fast baby snakes, too quick too identify. Our guinea fowl did a great job alerting us to a massive goanna walking through camp the other day. A majestic and illusive platypus was just spotted in the river. Echidnas are on the move for mating season, we've rescued some from the road and seen a few squished :( 

While we were driving along the dirt track for our fortnightly visit to town we are across two tiny wild puppies that had been orphaned! They were covered in ticks, including paralysis ticks and could hardly walk.

They are super cute, we didn't really intend on having dogs. Experience has shown that all the native wildlife retreats a little when a dog has a permanent home in the bush. Plus we would have to provide meat for it, the threat of parasites, stinkiness, killing native animals, there are many reasons I don't want one. Though these little pups ran across our path and were born here on our land. They are building up their strength here for now and we will decide later. 


When we got back home 2 of our baby goats also weren't able to walk, they were covered in paralysis ticks also!

It took several days for them to recover, and one of them is still recovering.  She was unable to close its eyes from the nerve damage and her eyes started to dry out. She almost lost her vision though she has special drops and balm and is on the mend. 

Arriving during winter with a baby totally unprepared was very challenging, though it was a perfect introduction to living in the bush. I think I needed the time to settle in, get comfortable and feel safe in my surroundings before having to worry about snakes, goannas, spiders and creepy crawlies of all kinds. 

Now I am looking forward to gardens, sunshine and river swims that are refreshing instead of freeeeezing.

Happy Days :) 

Modern day stresses - observing its effects on my baby

We often forget how noisy, stifling and offensive to the senses civilization can be.
It became horrifically obvious to me when my first born child arrived on earth.

Throughout my pregnancy I dreamt and imagined exactly how I wanted to bring my child into the world.
In an effort to gather all the collective feminine wisdom - I researched, poured over books and read many birth stories.
I found a wonderful and accommodating midwife. My partner and I packed up our woven baby basket and little hand knitted newborn onesie and drove down the coast to set up on the land and prepare for our baby to arrive!
It all turned out better than I could have hoped for.

My Son was born outside, under the stars, in a cast iron bath warmed by a fire underneath, connected to nature, supported by his father and our caring midwife.
His first week of life was spent nestled in our arms, the only sounds around us the songs of the birds, and the rustle of gum leaves blowing in the wind.
The perfect environment to foster our relationship.

Achillea, less than a day old. In his handmade basket and hand knitted clothes

Achillea, less than a day old. In his handmade basket and hand knitted clothes

It was magic !

Then we had to come home.

At this time we lived in a little apartment in a relatively quiet area near Bondi.
From our bed at night we can here both the ocean and the traffic.
It's a strange mix.

Each day we would go into town to do our shopping or whatever else we had to do.
We would walk through a huge hidden rainforest gully on our way there and back to avoid walking along the busy road.

My Son loved this part of the day.
As we descended the stairs into the valley his little body would soften and relax.
He would observe everything around him with joy and wonder.
In town there were many noisy buses, unnecessary beeping horns, bright fluro lights, plus all the noisy, chaotic people going about their busy days.
He would see a person, and try to connect and engage with them, but mostly they were too busy to notice and rushed off to continue their day.

A little break on our bushwalk

A little break on our bushwalk

I became hyper aware and sensitive to the sheer madness of it all.

So we spend much of our time as closely linked into nature as we can.
People have more time to stop and connect in nature.

We often go away and teach wilderness and earth skills to small groups of people.
They all love to connect with him.
He recognizes each one after a time and happily engages with them.

When we leave and go back to the city he will search the faces of the first 20 people he sees, looking for some recognition or familiar face.
After a while he goes back to ignoring all the people.

In nature everything that he is exposed to raises his awareness.

He has learnt that berries come from trees not plastic boxes and in nature all things are useful tools and we can find them readily. He does not need plastic toys to play with.


We are loving the journey so far !

Mulberry season

Mulberry season