Hungry days and nature provides

Living without refridgeration in summer and being 2 hours drive from the nearest town makes food storage and longevity pretty interesting at times. 

We try to go into town once a fortnight. This was no problem at all in winter, though things spoil much faster when it is 46 degrees Celsius most days.

The days just before town are always the trickiest for me. By the end of summer all the nettles have gone to seed and aren't so good anymore, and the chickweed has all died off. 

Luckily blackberries are here to save the day!


We discovered a MASSIVE blackberry bush along a little dirt road near our place 2 days before our town trip. There were also two kinds of native raspberries just nearby full of berries.

A big basket was filled up with berries and our hands were covered purple - just the way they are meant to be. Fresh wild berries go a long way when you haven't had fruit or sugar for several days!

I made the most delicious, satisfying porridge with pretty minimal ingredients.

  • Sprouted buckwheat
  • Coconut cream
  • Flax, sesame and chia seeds
  • Coconut flakes
  • Sultanas
  • Wild berries

Happy days ! 


As a depressing end note to the story..

After telling our neighbour (he lives 45min drive away) about how blackberries saved the day and how great they were, he got pretty freaked out that the blackberries were going to get into his river and he would never get it out etc.

A few weeks later all the blackberries along the trail along with a whole bunch of unrelated edible natives and gum trees had all been sprayed with poison and killed...

A valuable lesson learnt in sharing information.. Hopefully some seeds from our harvest will keep the legacy alive :P

Orange grove exploring

On our latest trip to town we found an abandoned house with a yard full of all kinds of citrus trees - oranges, mandarins, lemons, and grapefruit.

 They were all overflowing with so much fruit that most of it was rotting! 

Wandering the orange grove

Wandering the orange grove

We did what we could and are now 100 citrus richer 😝

 Achillea happily munched on chickweed and we also harvested dock for dinner. 

Fresh, healthy dock I cooked up with dinner that night

Fresh, healthy dock I cooked up with dinner that night

I'm always grateful to be able to show my boy that food comes from the earth not plastic boxes in a supermarket

Achillea and Dotty

Achillea loves Dotty.

She is his favourite bird ever.

When he wakes up the first thing he does is run to find her and let her outside to forage.

'Daa-aayyy'  - He calls her :P

Here is the greatest video ever.

We originally got Dotty to be a real life incubator for our Quail eggs.

Quail have been bred for thousands of years (japanese in particular) so that they have more meat and lay more eggs. They have become so inbred that they have lost their motherly instincts and can no longer sit on their own eggs.

All Japanese quail are hatched in incubators. It is depressing seeing all these chicks being born without A Mother. We heard about chickens being surrogate Mothers and so we got Dotty - the broody Bantam in an effort to rewild the quail! 

It mostly worked out, except some of the eggs were unfertilised or had sick chicks. We have a big happy, healthy family of quail. 


Nowadays Dotty spends her time playing under the house, scratching for bugs, eating all the silverbeet seedlings, and going for walks with Achillea.