Basket weaving workshop

Baskets are the original human tool

All of us have ancestral connections to basket weavers.

Our foremothers used to walk through the wilderness with their babies on their backs and their sisters by their sides, gathering materials and foods as they walked.

Perhaps they stopped by the fire to split the materials into smaller lengths suitable for weaving. Then maybe walked down to the creek, billabong or lake to let them soak in the water while their children played in the water.

Sitting around the fire, her and her sisters or tribe would sit and talk, their hands weaving magic and prayers as they go.

It is not something you have to think about after a while, your hands just know what to do and do so automatically. This leaves space for you to focus your intentions into the basket, infusing the very essence of you with each weave !

The original meditation

The end result is a perfectly unique basket - perfect for gathering and foraging.

Danielle and Rebecca will be teaching us different weaving styles including a traditional Australian style passed down from far North Queensland.

We will be using local, hand prepared banana tree fibres to weave our baskets by the sandy river.